Gill Industries offers the “Best Kept Secret in Concrete” with Gill 33 Superbond concrete additive. With 50 years experience, Gill Industries provides specialty concrete additives for projects requiring a quick turnaround. Gill 33 Superbond allows portland cement based concrete to be topcoated in 24 hours, accelerates cure time, turns regular concrete into a 6,000 psi non-shrink grout and eliminates outgassing normally encountered during the first 28 days of concrete curing. RNS Distributing, LLC has extensive case histories for applications where downtime was not an option and we recommended Gill 33 Superbond. Using Gill 33 Superbond allowed the concrete to be coated in 24 hours saving the customer weeks of downtime. There is no other product on the market that does what Gill 33 can do – it truly is the “Best Kept Secret in Concrete."


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