LifeLast polyurethane coatings provide superior corrosion protection for steel and concrete substrates, while providing sustainable solutions using bio-based raw materials. LifeLast polyurethane is USDA BioPreferred, NSF Standard 61 approved and they are comprised of more than 60% renewable content. LifeLast polyurethanes are 100% solids with user-friendly formulations that can be spray, brush or trowel applied. LifeLast polyurethanes offer an excellent combination of flexibility and chemical resistance providing the solution for applications requiring these properties.


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LifeLast Products

Urethane Coating & Lining

Coatings & Linings

100% Solids Aromatic Urethane
NSF Certified Permiability
Elastomeric & Low Permiability
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Outdoor Containments
Direct Bond to Steel
Abrasion Resistant Formulations
High Build Formulations (>500mils)

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