Sauereisen products offer a wide range of corrosion-resistant materials of construction. Established in 1899, Sauereisen has developed proven systems with extensive case histories offering decades of service life. Continuous improvement and innovation have allowed Sauereisen to develop premier products to protect steel and concrete substrates from corrosion and physical abuse. Sauereisen products offer low permeability, high chemical resistance from 0-14 pH exposure, and inorganic products handling the highest acid concentrations and temperatures through 2000˚F. Sauereisen coatings, linings, acidproof mortars, grouts, membranes, polymer concretes, refractories and flooring materials offer high quality solutions for new construction and rehabilitation projects.


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Sauereisen Products

Corrosion Resistant Materials

Coatings and Linings:
Epoxy, Novolak Epoxy
Vinyl Ester

Polymer Concrete:
Acidproof Concrete - Structural Grade
Epoxy Polymer Concrete
Epoxy Novolak Polymer Concrete
Novolak Vinyl Ester Polymer Concrete

Chem-Resistant Acidproof Castable
Potassium Silicate Concrete


Chemical Resistant Epoxy
Cold Cure Epoxy
Self-Leveling Epoxy

Substrate Repair Materials
Filler Compound
Fast Patch Cements
Expansion Joint Materials
Acidproof Membranes

Furan Resin Mortar/Grout
Epoxy Novolak Mortar/Setting Bed
Epoxy Setting Bed
Acid-Alk Mortar
Vinyl Ester Mortar
Basolit Sulfur Based Mortar



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